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Public Offer

General rules

The visitor of the site is a person who has gone to (before placing an order).

User - a person, a visitor to the Site, accepting the terms of this Agreement and wishing to place orders in the online store

Buyer - User who placed an order in the online shop

The seller - the boutique online Histoire Sensuelle. Company show room: Rue de la Cité 18, Geneva, Switzerland

Online shop - a website belonging to the seller, located on the Internet at, where are presented the products offered by the seller, as well as the payment terms and delivery of goods to the buyers.

Site -

Goods - lingerie, swimwear, accessories and other goods presented for sale on the seller's website.

Order - a request made by the buyer for the purchase and delivery at the address specified by the buyer.

1. General Conditions

1.1. The seller sells the goods via the online shop at

1.2. By placing the order for the goods via the online shop, the user accepts the conditions of sale of the goods set out below (hereinafter referred to as the conditions of sale of the goods). In case of disagreement with the present contract of use (hereinafter referred to as the contract / public offer), the user must immediately stop using the service and leave the site

1.3. The present conditions of sale of the goods, as well as the information relating to the products presented on the website, constitute a public offer to the Hamon law of March 17, 2014

1.4. The contract can be unilaterally modified by the seller without notice to the user / buyer. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force on the expiry of 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of its publication on the Website, unless the terms of this Agreement provide otherwise.

1.5 The public offer is accepted by the visitor of the site / buyer from the moment the visitor is registered on the site, the buyer places an order without authorization on the site, subscribes to the news of the site, participates in gift promotions, subscribe to receive a coupon or gift, and from the moment the order is accepted by the buyer. by phone at +41 79-891-53-04.

A retail contract is deemed to be entered into as soon as the seller issues the receipt in cash or a receipt or other document confirming the payment of the goods to the buyer.

By informing the seller of his email address and telephone number, the site visitor / user / buyer agrees to use the means of communication specified by the seller, as well as third parties who are attracted by him to fulfill his obligations towards visitors / users / buyers of the site, in order to conduct marketing campaigns, advertising and informative mailings containing information on discounts, current and future promotions and other events of the Seller, on the transfer of the order to the delivery , as well as other information directly related to the fulfillment of the buyer's obligations in the context of this public offer.

2. Object of the agreement

2.1. The purpose of this contract is to provide the user with the opportunity to acquire, for personal, family, household and other non-commercial purposes, the products presented in the online store's catalog on

2.2. This agreement applies to all types of goods and services presented on the site, provided that these offers with a description are present in the catalog of the online store.

3. Registration on the site

3.1. Registration on the site is done in the section "Personal account".

3.2. Registration on the site is not mandatory to order.

3.3. The seller is not responsible for the accuracy and accuracy of the information provided by the user when registering.

3.4. The user agrees not to disclose to third parties the username and password specified by the user when registering. If the user is wary of the security of his username and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by third parties, he undertakes to inform the Seller immediately by sending an appropriate email to

3.5 The communication of the user / buyer with the call center operators / managers and other vendor representatives must be based on generally accepted principles of morality and communication etiquette. It is formally prohibited

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