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Three years ago, fate brought us together at the Paris airport, where we had to sit for four hours because our plane from Moscow was late for a connecting flight to Geneva.

We were waiting for the next plane, but it was not boring, somehow we immediately found a common language. Thus began the friendship, which subsequently grew into a partnership.

Choosing underwear brands for our online shop Histoire Sensuelle, we are, Valeria Buchet and Galina Khudoberdina, on the side of the brands which love women, that means the underwear should be of high quality, comfortable, not too expensive and very beautiful!

When testing it, it is important for us that nothing scratches, does not crush, does not sweat anywhere, it is cozy, smart and stylish. It would also be good if brands are ecofriendly and following progressive trends.

Underwear in our time is not just clothes, it is a symbol of how we, women, treat ourselves, whether we want to look free, beautiful and healthy, or still try to follow outdated stereotypes or someone’s claims.

Therefore, underwear in our online store:

- nice to the skin, you just don’t feel it, it is semi-transparent and comfortable;

- the mesh structure of the tissue allows the skin to breathe, but at the same time create the necessary corrective and supporting pressure, emphasizing the contours of the body and forming a silhouette;

- bras are without wires, complex seams and push-ups. The bust is supported by compression material;

- many models are included in the trend «Body wear». This means that underwear can be worn as independent components of clothing: bralettes like tops, bodysuits complement with a jacket, shirt or nothing.

- 90% of the presented collections have a wide size range. 

- we also offer you an exchange and return of goods within 7 days!


Welcome to Histoire Sensuelle!

Sincerely yours,
Valeria and Galina. 


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